Euro Club Poker as operated by Euroclub Holding Ltd., believe in providing a responsible and protected entertainment environment for adults. The players should enjoy their gaming experience, and be reminded to play wisely, and within budget. The features within this policy address the following practices to promote and encourage responsible gaming:

  • Staying in Control  
  • Getting Help
  • Managing Play  
  • Limiting Personal Expenditure  
  • Self-Exclusion  
  • Preventing Under Age Gambling



Most players look for an enjoyable poker experience, however on occasion, some individuals may be concerned about their gambling habits. Euro Club Poker will provide links on its website to promote Responsible Gambling and assistance to players experiencing gambling problems.


Euro Club Poker has identified a number of organisations that would be able to assist players with gambling problems, in getting guidance and help. For confidential advice and support concerning a gambling problem, Euro Club Poker will provide information about these agencies/organisations so that the players will be able to get in contact with any of these agencies in person safeguarding their privacy.

Managing Play

Euro Club Poker also encourages its players who enjoy frequent gambling, to control their gambling activity by sticking to a pre-set budget and limiting play time. Euro Club Poker advises all players to make specific budget plans to ensure their gambling expenditures do not exceed their affordable limits. Players will also be able to manage their play by limiting their play-time through available features to set time limits.


Euro Club Poker provides tools to help players control their gaming. Players can establish limits on the amount they deposit, wager and/or lose, over a given period, be it daily, weekly or monthly. These limits can only be revoked following a written or electronic notice from the player.


Players can take a break from gaming if they feel that they have a gambling problem, Euro Club Poker gives its players the ability to temporarily, or permanently, exclude oneself from playing at the site. These exclusions can only be revoked following a written or electronic notice from the player.


Euro Club Poker does not allow underage players - all registering players must be at least 18 years old. In order to protect minors from accessing the site Euro Club Poker recommends that responsible players install Internet Filtering Software on their computers. Employing a filtering software program will allow players to control the type of content that is displayed as well as block specific websites and set up passwords to prevent access to Euro Club Poker by any underage players with access to that particular computer.


Euro Club Poker will display a warning of the possibility of gambling addiction on the website at all times. This warning will be linked to websites providing assistance to players who tend to have pathological gaming problems. Other important links displayed on the website / game window should include, but not limited to:

Euro Club Poker will provide the following information for its players on the website or poker software, while in play: -

  • Actual and current, real money balance for the player quoted in the currency the player is playing with.
  • A real time clock for full screen games.
  • Hourly reality check window which will only close upon verification by the player confirming that the contents where read.  

Players who set limits or exclusions are required to send a notice requesting revocation of limit or exclusion in electronic or written format. Requests to tighten limits or exclusions will take effect immediately, whereas requests to loosen those limits will be addressed within a 7 days from when Euro Club Poker receives the notice.

Euro Club Poker has implemented self-exclusion measures within the Cashier. If a player chooses to exclude himself/herself permanently the request will be honoured, the account will be closed, and the player will not be permitted to return to Euro Club Poker at anytime in future. If the player chooses to request a temporary exclusion, the request will be honoured and the player may apply for reinstatement at a later date, as per set instructions.  

Furthermore, players have the option to set depositing/wagering/losing limits when they first create their account, or they can change them anytime thereafter by visiting the Euro Club Poker Cashier. From the Cashier, the player clicks on the 'Limits' button at the top of the screen, and a page will be displayed where he/she can set a daily, weekly and monthly spending limits.  

Euro Club Poker employs a series of checks to ensure that no person under legal age has access to the live gaming facilities. Providing inaccurate or dishonest information about a player's age will result in forfeiture of any winnings and may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Players are encouraged to report any responsible gaming issues to Euro Club Poker by sending an email to: